The properties of elevator bucket

The properties of elevator bucket  
After Crusher elevator bucket  for vertical lifting of dry clay, plaster, clinker, limestone, coal and other raw materials as well as raw materials, such as cement, pulverized powder materials. According to the operating speed of Hopper’s different, elevator bucket  can be divided into: centrifugal discharging, gravitational discharging and hybrid discharging three forms. Centrifugal discharge bucket speed faster, apply to transportation powder, granular, abrasion of small items such as small block; the slow speed of gravity discharge, suitable for transporting bulk and weighted, abrasion materials, such as limestone, clinker, and so on. Elevator bucket traction component chain, chain and belt. Chain structure and manufacturing is relatively simple, and hopper connection is also very strong, when conveying of abrasion materials, chain wear less, but its weight more. Board chain structure comparison firmly, weight more light, suitable for upgrade volume large of upgrade machine, but articulated connector easy is wear, tape of structure comparison simple, but does not suitable transportation mill cut sexual large of material, General tape material temperature does not over 60 ° c, clip rope tape allows material temperature up 80 ° c, heat tape allows material temperature up 120 ° c, ring chain, and Board chain transportation material of temperature can up 250 ° c .

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