Wild flour quality improving competitiveness

Wild flour quality improving competitiveness
Flux powder quality the key point is that use of local raw grain characteristics, according to the different regional food sales requirement, develops a certain targeted products. Is the flux powder for market segmentation. Such as using Henan wheat processing for North area bread processing of grade powder, if is sold in Northeast China, is considered local bread processing of features: most is old surface fermentation, placed a night, so to has must has resistance made sexual and strong of gluten force, fermentation speed had fast of flour to Northeast on will very does not adaptation, so should main select Yellow River North of hard mass wheat. If the PIN to the Jiangsu, the dialogue requires, and is mostly Yeast fermentation, to have good size and reinforcement of the correct size, slow fermentation, effects and production efficiency, will also have a customer complaint, so should be the main choice of soft wheat of Henan province. For the above two different sales areas, if conditions allow, not only in terms of selected wheat should be differentiated, in links after a certain target, so as to ensure that different consumer areas had high levels of customer satisfaction. Worthy of note is, at present, except for a small part outside the flux powder for civil use, most of the flux powder has become an industrial power, inevitability to a certain degree of technical content, “price-effect than” competitive era.

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