Organic cotton is one of the modern production of Cotton sifter pads products

Organic cotton is one of the modern production of Cotton sifter pads products
The alternative is organic cotton, which in contrast, uses agricultural methods to help sustain the land it grows on, the people who grow and harvest it, and the planet in general. It is not only less destructive to the environment, but provides a better income for farmers and is sustainable long term.

Organic cotton farming uses natural pesticides (usually containing a mixture of chilli, garlic and soap). This keeps pests off the crops but does not destroy their natural predators – which survive to control their numbers naturally. Organic farming really does start with the soil. Compost, frequent crop rotations and cover crop strategies replace synthetic fertilizers to keep the soil healthy, fertile and productive. Unlike the insatiably thirsty conventional methods of production, our organic cotton is largely rain-fed.?Organic cotton farming actually promotes biodiversity: the fields contain a significantly higher number of insect species (especially those which are beneficial).

When it comes to harvesting by hand, it follows that organic cotton is also much safer for those who pick it. Workers aren exposed to breathing in or otherwise ingesting toxic chemicals while active in the field, and done have to worry about the same nasty chemicals getting into their water supply if they live nearby. Therefore they can raise healthier children and livestock.

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