Plastic Elevator Bucket advantages and application

 Plastic Elevator Bucket advantages and application

These Plastic Elevator Buckets are seamless in structure and cause no affect on the food items making them an ideal choice.
1、Abrasion Resistant, Long Lasting, Light Weight, Tough and Flexible.

2、Very gentle and effective for handling of material with less product damage.

3、Thick wall with front and rear reinforcement, Low Power Consumption’

4、Effective In High Speed and Withstands Thermal Environment. Non-Sparking and Non-Corrosive.

5、Temperature up to 90 Degree Celsius.

6、Interchangeable with most of the existing molds.

7、Recommended for handling of Grains, Seeds, Feeds, Salt, Tea, Coffee, Food Products, Chemicals & identical other uses.
8、 Not to be used for large dense and sharp sluggish material such as Gravel, Ores, Glass Cullet, Oyster Shells etc.

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