Cotton Sifter Pads of the application

Cotton Sifter Pads of the application
plansifter is a nest of sieves mounted together so that material being sieved is divided into a number of fractions of different size.they are widely used in grain milling industries namely rice mills, flour mills and other food processing machineries.
Cotton Sifter Pads Specification 1)name: cotton plansifter cleaner 2) material 100%cotton 3) thickness: 7.0-8.5mm 4) size: 75mm lenth and 55mm width 5) Rivet: Metal Slider with chromeplate 6) packing: paper carton 500 piece/caton 7) FOB price: 0.50usd/piece
These plansifter cotton pads are basically used in flour mills, for cleaning purposes, length 78mm width 52mm thickness 8mm.The cotton type reduce the damage of the sieve and can prolong its life span. It is installed between the screen surface and steel mesh, doing regular movement under the screen surface.

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