elevator bucket characteristics of polymer material can be manifested in the following aspects

elevator bucket characteristics of polymer material can be manifested in the following aspects:

First, this product has no toxicity, self-lubricating, corrosion resistance, long term wear is not contaminated raw materials and so on.

Second, the product has a very high impact strength and flexibility, collision metal foreign body in the elevator runs or when a shell, can produce flexible shielding, noise reduction, avoid deformation and tearing of the metal bucket often line accident, improving production efficiency.

Third, the product has a low price, light weight, good wear resistance and so on. Reduces the hoisting equipment loads, saving power consumption and prolong the time of equipment reduces maintenance work, reducing production costs.

Four, and this products has good of pour NET performance: due to metal hopper in upgrade raw materials Shi, often will will material stick in metal bucket Shang, cannot full pour NET, and on metal hopper produced corrosion and long-term metal hopper of wear, also will increased raw materials in the iron of content, effect has products quality, and polymer material upgrade bucket is cover has metal products of these insufficient, improve has products quality. According to the characteristics of this material, polymer products in the chemical, food and feed, will be upgraded for metallic materials in the production of building material products.

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