Determine the important indicator of the quality of the screen.

Determine the important indicator of the quality of the screen.
In general, the available fiber resistance to said anti-static characteristics of fiber: fiber there are three methods for the resistance, one of the most commonly used mass ratio of the resistance (code-Rs, which means a homogeneous sample length 1cm, weight 1g ohm value)is generally considered its value less than 109Ω/cm.g, antistatic effect, therefore, polyester, nylon should be carried out anti-static treatment, generally have the following:
A. Surface treatment: general processing antistatic agent;
B. polymerization processing: synthetic fiber polymerization, the hydrophilic polymer or a conductive low molecular weight polymer;
C. Conductive fibers: carbon joined in a single wire center or carbon root monofilament join;
D. High-energy radiation such as gamma rays or electron beam radiation fabric, so that the fiber degeneration, improve moisture absorption, increase in anti-static effect.
It can be seen from the above description, the latter three methods are indeed material anti-static treatment is permanent, the first method belongs to the surface anti-static. Now, however, specific to screen anti-static process, screen manufacturers as a technical secret without making detailed. Thus, it has become an important indicator to judge screen quality.

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