Stretching summary

Stretching summary
A pneumatic stretch fitted method is relatively simple, much more convenient, as long as the correct operation, the less effect than the difference of the mechanical, but the price is slightly higher, and to supporting air compressor, or connect the compressed air piping.
2, tension control phase, two-step stretch fitted law worthy of promotion can save time, and also to ensure quality.
3, it is necessary that the currently used mechanical stretching machine has exposed some problems in practical applications, are summarized in the following:
a,Some models directly use the screen bracket for the institutions to the tension, but because of the use of ratchet brake, in fact, by turning the handwheel of the number of teeth decided to tighten the extent caused by tension is not accurate, and often makes the screenor stretched tight enough to either pull the bad screen.

b, some models use the cam top is tight, taut surfaces and imbalance caused due to structural reasons or mechanical manufacturing quality reasons.

c, clip shorter life span, to be attached to its quality.

d, some models do not use the clip, while the wooden frame pressed Article higher for the stretched sheets of a larger size or tension, often bearing could not pull them tight, was not as good as the gripping force of the clip.

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