Recycling of energy in flour mill

Recycling of energy in flour mill
During the processing of cereals and energy lost to heat,
Emissions into the atmosphere, waste, thus saving energy, recycling
Use of heat energy. Recovery of heat in the colder seasons for advance
Heating fresh air, then it is introduced into the factory; Or for pre plus
Heat needed in the production process of heating the air. Course to take this
Recycled heat energy, you may need to increase certain equipment,
Degree will enhance the one-time investment cost.
As the energy shortages and energy price increases, energy saving and lower consumption
Is every one should carefully consider the problem of a flour mill. You must first improve
Enterprise energy saving consciousness of all aspects of the production, from saving every bit
Start; Secondly when you are in the design and production process, from the energy saving and consumption reducing
Angles designed to minimize unnecessary material handling, use of
Gravity conveyor; Power line design of the factory should be as short as possible, reducing material
Costs and energy consumption, and periodic testing of electricity effect; Should stop using did a
Rate motor, reasonable choice of energy-efficient fans, motors


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