How to use the sieve cleaner?

How to use the sieve cleaner?
When the sieve cleaner bumps against the edge of the sieve frame, it can be aligned in such a manner that the line of cleaning devices is almost in parallel with the edge of the sieve frame. This assists in a relatively large surface of the sieve covering being treated by the cleaning devices in the area close to the edges, while the spacer—protruding to the inside at this moment—is less or not at all involved in the cleaning. In this way, on the statistical average, a more even cleaning of the sieve covering is achieved and an excessive wear of the sieve covering in the central area of the sieve is avoided.

Preferably, the spacer is not fitted with cleaning devices and is arranged in a T-shape in reference to the line of cleaning devices. Also preferably, the foot on which the sieve cleaner rests on the level sieve bottom, which can simultaneously serve as a bottom-clearing-device, is provided under the spacer so that it is in contact with the sieve bottom in at least two places. This serves the purpose of limiting the possible movement of the sieve cleaner so that the entire line of the cleaning devices is permanently kept in contact with the sieve covering.

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