Using flour machine, having the right flour ferment time

Using flour machine, having the right flour ferment time
There are several methods of fermentation, have different characteristics, depending on the varieties do point to. Home made pasta commonly used method is the old yeast leavened dough, that is with a piece of the old leaven (also known as the “old fat”, “head”, “prelude”, and so on) for the production of flour and flour were allowed into the dough, and under certain conditions of temperature, as the dough is filled with dense hole, volume growth, fermentation was a success. Here are three of the following tips to master.
1. When you want to control the fermentation temperature, broke into several pieces old leavening dough with water and flour were allowed, with cold water in the summer, spring and autumn 40C warm water, winter 60~70cC hot water adjust dough, covered with damp cloth, place a warm fermentation. If the old less leavening dough, can be cleaned with warm water and leavening dough into thick paste, paste after blistering and amount of flour into the dough to ferment. 27~30C is the best temperature, as long as they can maintain this condition, success in 2-3 hours can be fermented dough.
2. Master degree of fermentation, if the dough is not good, pastry made of compacted texture, color gray, eat sticky; if the dough over, pastry made of surface cracking. The dough must be important because too much alkali, point of the yellow color is dark, or even have a rancid smell. Normal fermentation of dough, commonly known as “fat”, making the point white soft and shiny. How to tell if the dough is this appropriate? Dough fermentation l~2 hours Hou, towards dough elastic had large, holes rarely, is needs keep temperature, continues to fermentation; as dough surface split, elastic lost or had small, holes whole areas of, sour is concentrated, is dough made had has head, at this time can mixing flour machine production of flour plus water Hou, again rubbing and into mission, cover Shang wet cloth, placed a will, Tang a Tang, will can do pastry has; if dough elastic moderate, holes more and more uniform, has wine fragrance, description surface “made” was suitable, then to on alkali using.
3. Good alkaline water, alkali is designed to remove the flour mill of sour dough in flour, make the product more expansion, white, soft. Having the right alkaline water is the key to good alkali concentration, often of alkali concentration 40% water. Test method is: cut a small block leavened dough lost into distribution good of alkali water in the, as sinking does not floating, is alkali water concentration insufficient 40%, can continues to plus alkali dissolved; as lost Xia Hou immediately floating water, is alkali water over 40 of, can plus water diluted; as lost into of dough slowly floating, both does not emerged water, and does not sea bed, indicates that alkali water concentration suitable. Normal fermentation of dough, kneading and even to make a point. In order to ensure the success of on-base, you can cut a small piece of dough to good alkali cage before steaming on, known as the “alkali-test”. Steam Hou color made delay, texture Harden no elastic, eat up tasty acid, is alkali on less has, needed then plus alkali water rubbing and; as steam Hou color yellow, or epidermal crack, alkali taste clear, is needs will dough cover Shang wet cloth then put a time “run run” alkali, then for making; as try alkali, dough color bright, and soft and elastic, description alkali on was suitable, can immediately used to making pastry.

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