Elevator bucket chain off the chain is the reason?

Elevator bucket chain off the chain is the reason?

The elevator bucket can be divided into a tape-type, chain type, and the board chain, chain elevator bucket off the chain now turn to the reasons:

Transportation of materials related to the transport of fine particles of materials, viscosity, easy to stick in between the two chain ring, if every two adjacent chain ring between the glue of this fine-grained layer, accumulation of thousands of chain link up is a great length of the chain pull more and more tightly until it pulled off. The solution is to gradually loosen the chain tensioning device, ease of pull, the chain not be broken.

A chain quality problems, such as heat treatment, hardness is too high, the toughness decreases.

(2) misalignment of the upper and lower sprockets, gnaw the chain.

3 the next round whether to adopt the home-made drum.

Chain wear, limited mobility, hopper at the bite when the upper and lower sprocket hole wear can also cause chain scission.

The above is often encountered at work, a few.

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