Elevator bucket machine drive configuration

 Elevator bucket machine drive configuration
General, the elevator bucket with the requirements of the backstop to prevent the sudden shutdown of the inverted bucket chain groups and their material, so the drive optional, and generally are Y series motor equipped with backstop reducer, such as ZLY, ZSY, DCY (DCYK), agents ZJY Hardened reducer. Motor power more than 18.5KW, generally with a fluid coupling, starting more stable.
Above ZLY, ZSY, DCY Series Reducer low speed shaft Oldham Coupling can be used with the bucket to mention the nose axis Direct chain drive driver can be used in the first shaft speed is low. The DCY hollow shaft reducer used for the TZD series bucket elevator. The hollow shaft direct suit in the first axis.
Such hollow shaft gear reducer drives are single-point floating support high-speed operation of the elevator bucket for easy maintenance, the motor power of more than 22KW, generally with a maintenance motor. The above ZLY and imported reducer can bring their own maintenance of electrical and backstop (right the ZSY, DCT DCYK, type reducer can also bring their own backstop, with the overhaul motor generally YTC series gear reducer motor, and is equipped with a friction clutch and reducer associated).
The the ZJY reducer with backstop, and inconvenience with maintenance motor, generally used only for the TH and the power is less than 22KW TD of TZD series elevator bucket . Used motor installed in the device rack welded to the elevator bucket head shell side of the motor shaft and the reducer shaft, belt drive drive. You should note that the backstop is not to interfere with the head shell.
The choice of the gear unit should be calculated in the head (first round), drive pulley speed drive as a basis to determine the speed ratio, the actual selection should be integrated user requirements, arrangement of convenience, price and other factors to select.

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