Fault analysis of elevator bucket

Fault analysis of elevator bucket
Exception occurred while running audio
(1) elevator bucket motor plate and chain collision, adjust the take-up of the frame, the chain tension.
(2) the transmission shaft and driven shaft slack key, chain wheel displacement, collision bucket and casing. Adjust the wheel position, put key compact.
(3) chain and guide plate collision, trimming guide plate.
(4) the guide plate and chain clamp material, enlarged base material investment and people angle.
(5) the bearing fails, not flexible operation, replace the bearing.
(6) material blocks or other foreign objects stuck in the base shell, down clear of debris.
(7) sprockets (drive and driven sprockets) tooth profile is not being amended profile or replace the sprocket sprocket.
(8) the drive sprocket and chain de synchronizers, and modified tooth drive sprocket.
(9) the drive chain idler, adjust the chain lengths.
(10) case not being installed, aligning the case length of vertical.

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