Elevator Bucket safety in coal

Elevator  Bucket safety in coal
Hole in elevator bucket across the floor, you must add protective railings or cover. When checking material bucket and bucket operation occurs, the operator should stand in the side of the box, when pressed or stuck, you must immediately stop processing. When positive not station people, when the child to squeeze water treatment you want, you should use the wicket turns. Running do not operate in inspection, maintenance and cleaning; when maintenance must cut off the power supply. Enter the Cabinet job, must have good signal link between up and down, and set the specialist is responsible for safety supervision work. Overhaul completed, staff must be inventoried, head of maintenance work and tools, establish internal unmanned and tool, to test or irrigation, check device must be secure and reliable.
Note view drive system, and drive chain of elastic degree, drive chain and sprocket of bite is good, wear is serious, has no jump chain phenomenon; tight chain device should intact complete, adjustment flexible; head star round and chain Board of bite should normal, and no excessive wear; chain Board and connection axis does not should damage, and deformation, chain Board hole does not excessive wear, no off road, pegs no off; bucket baskets should no serious deformation, and damage and missing, dehydration hole does not should plug; chute should flat, no excessive wear; device Qian, and Hou chute should smooth, Deformation of damage and so on.
Drive in the received signal, confirm the check, and then promised to drive. After the start should be run after a few weeks without exception in order to feed; observation of bucket loads. Bucket child of charging to uniform, to flat bucket following suitable, cannot long time tip bucket run, prevent pressure bucket child accident; check bucket child unloading material situation, found serious returned to coal phenomenon, should seize processing, so as not to occurs pressure bucket child accident; regularly individually check a week chain Board, and chain axis, and wheel and pegs of work State, prevent due to chain Board split broken, and pegs, and small axis pine de, caused accident; check bucket child of run situation, has no scraping bad, and tore bad and tore, phenomenon; check motor of sound and temperature should normal, deceleration machine, and Drive chain and sprockets should run properly.
Special situation of processing: pressure live bucket child Hou not forced started, should unloading off part material Hou then line started, is strictly prohibited full load drive; run in the to bucket machine automatically parking or card live open does not dynamic, should identified causes in excluded fault Hou then drive; parking time more long Shi, each 2-4 hours will bucket child started a times, case coal mud precipitation pressure live bucket child; occurs pegs frequently cut phenomenon should seriously check analysis causes.Please refer to the :http://www.mill-industry.net


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