Elevator Bucket technology condition and work

Elevator Bucket technology condition and work
Bucket type upgrade machine technology parameter is as follows: model for HL300 ring chain bucket type upgrade machine, height for 22m, double sprocket type; transportation chemical gypsum and phosphate production waste; transportation ability for 12.8T/h, material temperature for to 60-80 ℃, actual sent material volume for 7T/h. in run process in the appears of fault phenomenon for run process in the sometimes will heard chain wipe shell of sound, at this time must timely adjustable tight chain, otherwise will appears de chain phenomenon. device intact run time General for 2 week, After replacing better quality Hopper, a long time, finally hopper is going bad, chain break. each time the damage was caused by running again after driving for some time soon.
In the bucket type upgrade machine front has drying, and dehydration and ball mill, technology process, material transportation stability, and does not exists scarred, and card sideng phenomenon, and also is not appears flow road plug phenomenon, so super design load assumptions does not established. with above problem combination production reality, find has problem is located: good of bucket type upgrade machine and easy bad of bucket to machine of main different points is run of temperature different. easy bad of this Taiwan shell body inside and outside exists 60 ℃ of temperature difference, Determine the temperature stress of elevator bucket damage is the root cause.Please refer to the :http://www.mill-industry.net


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