Common problems analysis of elevator bucket

Common problems analysis of elevator bucket
1, elevator bucket should be empty-load driving. So should come before each stop doing all the material in the hopper, and then stop.
2, elevator bucket cannot be turned back. Reverse chain derailment may occur, troubleshoot your derailment was in trouble. 3, uniform feed elevator bucket. Prohibition of suddenly increase the amount of feed. Feeding amount cannot exceed the transmission capacity of the hoist.
4, elevator bucket time regular added lubricants.
5, chain elevator bucket and hopper badly worn or damaged should be replaced in a timely manner.
Improve nose wheel and wheel drive shaft at the end of the installation is easy cause belt deviation of Hopper, major manifestations are: round and round at the end of the drive shaft in the same vertical plane and not in parallel, two drive shaft is installed in a horizontal position and is not in the same vertical plane. Drive shaft with two parallel, level and not in the same vertical plane. Such situations, hopper belt deviation, caused by impact, hopper with Hopper and barrel of tear. Also lifting head under pressure, up to 100 tons, due to the long time running in squeezing worn bearings appear inevitable.
The traditional method to machining after welding or brush plating repair, but there are some drawbacks. Repair welding of high temperature thermal stress cannot be completely eliminated, causing material damage, caused part appear bent or broken. Electro-brush plated coating thickness limit, easy to peel, and repair of metal for both of the above methods are metal, could not be changed “hard to hard” cooperation, under the combined effects of the force, will still have to wear again.

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