Promotion of advanced flour processing machinery

China’s rapid development of flour milling machinery in the mid 90, in the development of advanced technologies and the digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology has made great achievements, lay the foundations for flour milling machinery industry in China. However, in recent years, as the company increases, enterprises appear malignant, develop very irregular, sharp decline in corporate profits, in order to reduce manufacturing costs and simplify the process, flour processing machinery technology stagnated and even setbacks. Countries should develop measures to protect the healthy development of the industry, so as to ensure that the flour quality and safety and security of the person. Therefore, relevant government departments under the provisions of the agricultural mechanization promotion law, include advanced flour processing machinery in the State supported the promotion of agricultural products, widely used advanced models and advanced technologies, improve enterprise and enthusiasm about the research and Development Department advanced milling process, prompting the industry once again brilliant.


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