Flour milling equipment causes of persistent

Flour milling equipment causes of persistent
1) and different levels of economic development between the regions of the world, there is a complete set of long-term premise.
Different levels of economic development, demand for flour milling equipment grades are not consistent. Developed areas require large equipment with high technological content, or even like Buller, GBS, the world’s leading flour milling equipment, while China’s vast rural areas and towns, and the overwhelming majority of developing countries and regions, need is a small device, or even a single. Market demand is not no commodity production.
2) changes in consumer attitudes, is another factor in the small equipment.
Consumers now return to nature, eat food, nutritional effect, in favor of stand-alone and small simple roughing total nutrient of wheat flour. Though very few customers, but it also represents a demand in the market.
3) other cereal crops and the processing of food and a living space for small equipment.
Complete equipment for medium and small addition to processing of wheat, and also can be processed with a reasonable process of higher value-added, such as oats, pepper, soybean meal and other special foods, which in turn has provided another living space to small and medium sized equipment.


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