Bucket elevator model selection of what is common sense

As a common lifting equipment, selection of scoop type hoisting machine subject to various factors and conditions, chosen the wrong model will bring endless troubles to the consumer. General decision selection of scoop type hoisting machine depends on several factors: 1. the morphology of materials: materials are powdered or granular or small block. 2. physical properties of materials: materials have absorption or viscosity, water. 3. the proportion of material: General bucket elevator below the parameters are for bulk specific gravity of 1.6 material design and calculation, too great a proportion of material calculation of tensile strength of traction and driving part is required. 4. conveying capacity per unit of time.
In General, the material forms directly determines how the material unloading, a common pattern for powdered materials using centrifugal throwing gravity unloading unloading, bulk materials used, different decision of discharge of bucket elevator hopper used forms of different centrifugal projectile discharge to use shallow bucket and arc-shaped bucket, gravity unloading has adopted the deep doo. Bucket elevator hopper type used by different elevated material throughput per unit of time is not the same. Bucket elevator end throughput speed is depends on the form of Hopper, bucket, material density, a synthesis of material nature, hopper volume parameters. Selection process is as follows: proportion of material → drive mode (bucket model) → material nature → → → hopper discharge the series bucket elevator → determines the amount of upgrading models.More information:www.mill-industry.net


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