Flour factory test equipment maintenance and operation points

Flour factory test equipment maintenance and operation points
Glass instrument management, should be kept clean, dry, store classification. Glassware washing are important, should generally be guaranteed after washing clean shiny suspended water droplets. Glassware direct heat should be avoided in General, when you do have to heat, asbestos network slow uniform heating should be used to prevent damage to equipment, explosion, caused the accident. Burette cocks site should apply vaseline, and want to use rubber band on the funnel neck, avoid sliding out. Grinding apparatus for grinding between Sekiguchi and must be lined with clean paper, so as to avoid long bond, could not be opened. Where farinograph burette should be particularly careful, experimental water used must be distilled water must also be stamped with the seal above the burette, preventing dust from falling into, and should ensure burette with water. Burette, Kjeldahl distillation unit should have a fixed specific location. Chromotropic silica gel in the dryer should represent about one-third at the bottom, whether to change color, replacing on a regular basis. It should also be noted, put items after the high temperature in the dryer, temperature too high causing the lid to prevent slipping, you want every two seconds or so move the dryer lid horizontally staggered several times in order to prevent cooling dryer inside and outside pressure difference is too large to open difficult. Pipette, graduated cylinder, cone-shaped bottle quantitative instruments such as the need for periodic calibration.
Measuring instruments, evaluation of towards the adoption of measures to ensure the desired specifications. General enterprise must have specialized measurement management institutions and part-time measurement. Measuring instruments should be equipped with measuring performance to meet application requirements. Purchasing, transferring, using measuring instruments shall have appropriate administrative procedures. Each apparatus to determine the responsibility to the people, by measurement and inspection instruments on a monthly basis. Measuring instruments should be placed in a horizontal, vibration-free, pollution-free, relatively quiet environment. General weighing items are not overheating, not exceeding the weighing range. When the balance is used, you must handle with care, not violent actions. Known items cannot be placed directly on scales in General, require surface dish, weighing paper, aluminium box, Crucible (or filter paper) items such as bloom. You must use tweezers gripper weight. British guarantee scales dry and clean. Bench scale, counter scale, electronic scales check every six months (calibration), balance (mechanical, electrical), bulk density, high temperature furnace, thermometers, calibration once a year quantitative packing machine want.
Article extracts on experimental grinding machine, whirlwind milling, electric powders when used, make sure that the sample clean up against hard objects such as metal, sand damage to your equipment. General shall first turn backward, and uniform sampling. Crushed after the end of downtime before power off, open the metal door cleaning materials, not adjustable cutter margins. Found sound strange or not working properly should be promptly shut down by professional maintenance. Experimental mill use, in addition to ensuring that raw grain added water and tempering time, also ensure that the flour milling rate (to be annotated with sieve silk specifications) to meet the test requirement. Repeated experiments make experimental milling for flour milling and workshop closest or a certain percentage. Crushing equipment mechanic should perform simple maintenance every six months.
Electric filters, electric inspection due to the use of sieves silk powder sieve, sieve layers of styling products, screens inbound confirmation screen when opening in line with standard use. Before you can use it, should ensure that the screen clean. Should we assure the installation of solid before turning. Should always observe the inspection powder sieve seals are intact. Every six months with a stopwatch test speed is rated rpm. Should every 3 months by the mechanic for filter maintenance.


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