Bucket elevator hopper off analysis and solution

Bucket type upgrade machine has conveying volume large, upgrade height high, run smooth reliable, life long significantly advantages, upgrade machine suitable for conveying powder, granular and the small block of no mill cut sexual and the mill cut sexual small of material, as: coal, and cement, and stones, and sand, and clay, and ore,, due to upgrade machine of traction body is ring chain, therefore allows conveying temperature higher of material.
Bucket elevator applies to low to high raise, supply of materials through the vibration after the input hopper machines automatic continuous operation up to delivery. Bucket elevator is used even fixing in unprovoked on the traction component of a series of Hopper, continuous conveying machinery of the vertical lifting materials. Into the chain, chain and belt three.
Hopper off is the production, hopper had fallen from hopper on the phenomenon. Fall of Hopper, an exception is generated noise, you want to check out in a timely manner, otherwise, the hopper that will cause more distortion, disfigurement; connections where Hopper, hopper with tear. Hopper off the main reasons:
1, boot is not cleared within the frame of accumulation in production, often encounter sudden outage of power outages or other reasons, when on, is not cleared within the frame of accumulation, caused hopper broken against the too big to fall off.
Therefore, between outages and power, you must clear the accumulation within the frame of physics, avoid hopper fell off. In addition, regularly check the hopper with hopper with a solid connection, found the screw wobbles, falls off, and when hopper phenomena such as skewed, damaged, should promptly repair or replacement to prevent more accidents.
2, excessive feeding feeding too much, resulting in accumulation of material within the frame, rising transport resistance increases, hopper does not run smooth, Hopper, which is the direct cause of deformation. At this point should be immediately shut down, pulled out plug under the base plate, of draining accumulated within the frame, replace hopper with a new, driving production. Reduced feed intake, and uniform.
3, hopper material is not good, strength limited hopper elevator bearing parts, materials with high requirements to it when you installed should be matching strength of materials. In General, hopper with ordinary steel or galvanized sheet welded or stamped into its edges folded edges, or drawn into wire to enhance the strength of the hopper
4, feed opening position is too low, elevator in production, hopper material from feed intake of sheng came in on their own. If the inlet location is too low, will result in a hopper too late to Shing access to materials, and most of the material into the frame, resulting in the hopper scoop material. Material as a block, it is very easy to cause deformation of the hopper, falls off. In this case, should be transferred to the wheels at the end of the inlet location above the center line.MoreĀ information:www.mill-industry.net


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