History Steel silo production machines

History Steel silo production machines
Steel plate storage began in the early 30 ‘s of the last century. Steel silo production machines was riveted during the initial phase, with 6~10MM steel plates riveted, very strong.
Second phase of Steel silo production machines are welded. 4~10MM plate opening is used. Welded silo gas-tightness is very good, due to wall thickness, strength, the higher you can build high, the service life up to 50-80.
Third stage of Steel silo production machines are thin-walled warehouse. Mid century 50 on, in order to meet the needs of bulk grain transport started using thin-walled steel silo. The most common corrugated steel silo is assembled by bolts. These positions have a light weight, easy to assemble, inexpensive, high degree of mechanization and automation, efficiency higher characteristic. Initially, due to the thin wall (0.4~4mm), warehouse, big temperature difference between inside and outside, coupled with the seal is not good enough reasons, it was doubtful whether safe grain storage. While doubt life of thin-walled steel silo. In a dozen years of research and practice has come to understand these issues, especially from the early 70 used massive development resulting from the production of standard material.

More information:www.mill-industry.net


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