Steel plate warehouse development prospects

Steel plate warehouse development prospects
Steel plate warehouse development prospects(sprial edge steel silo building equipment)
The application of the steel plate warehouse technology in China started later, after 20 years of development, China in the construction of the steel plate warehouse on the innovation and development, and started mass production, production, installation fabricated steel plate warehouse, make steel capsule strength, performance, safety reliability are, and steel plate warehouse as a product of exportation, it represents the present China steel plate warehouse production, production, installation of the international level, is made of the steel plate storehouse installed a bellwether.

Anyang Yitong Business and Trade Co., Ltd, in national industry development under the new situation of, have formed a new group, specialization, and the age of the steel plate beyond large warehouse promoting technology development company. Our main business sprial edge steel silo building equipment, steel silo production machines and other projects.


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