To improve the competitiveness of the powder combination

The point is that the combination of powder: the use of local characteristics of crude, according to the requirements of different sales regional food, develop a certain specific products. The powder is to carry on the market segmentation. Such as the use of henan wheat processing in the northern region of steamed bread for the processing level powder, if is sold to the northeast three provinces, be about to consider the characteristics of the local steamed bread processing: most did is fermented, placed a night, so there must be resistant to hair sex and strong stretchy, fermentation speed through fast to the northeastern flourwill be very not adapt, therefore should be the main choice north of the Yellow River of the rigid mic. If the pin to jiangsu, dialogue degree the demand is higher, and are mostly the yeast, want to have better up hair degrees and moderate muscle degrees, if fermentation speed too slow, can affect the hair degrees and production efficiency, also can bring customer complaints, and therefore should be the main choice of eastern soft wheat. In view of the above two different XiaoOu, if production conditions allow, not only in the chosen Michael aspects should be different, in post-processing link also should have specific aim, so that we can guarantee different consumption region has high customer satisfaction. It is worth noting that, except for a few of the current civil powder outside, most of the powder has become the industry with powder, inevitable to certain technical content, by “price effect than” the age of competition.



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