Flour factory test equipment maintenance and operation points

Flour factory test equipment maintenance and operation points
Test equipment management in flour mill is a flour quality management an important component, will directly affect the quality of work normally.
Maintenance and operation of specific points are as follows:
Routine maintenance and calibration factors influencing the test results in the maintenance, such as temperature, humidity, vibration, noise, dust, corrosion, and so pay close attention to the factors, under tight control, reducing the error. To ensure that all instruments work fixed, smooth the surface, in line with the requirements. After using all instruments should be cleaned and restored in a timely manner in order to ensure smooth for the next experiment. Electrical equipment should be installed in line with rated power of separate power switch and has good grounding line, individual equipment according to the specification of requirements should be equipped with power supply. Using instruments should learn the appropriate laws, regulations, and related personnel management system, all the operators should obtain professional certification or training qualified for instrument operation.
Electric filters, electric inspection due to the use of sieves silk powder sieve, sieve layers of styling products, screens inbound confirmation screen when opening in line with standard use. Before you can use it, should ensure that the screen clean. Should we assure the installation of solid before turning. Should always observe the inspection powder sieve seals are intact. Every six months with a stopwatch test speed is rated rpm. Should every 3 months by the mechanic for filter maintenance.MoreĀ information:www.mill-industry.net


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