Food security custodial three important condition

Food security custodial three important condition

1, the clean health
Food containers with the clean health, is also very important, because containers not clean, the remnants of food, impurities, pests, naturally pollution grain, make food bred worms long mildew, so take a good clean with all the containers of grain, grain, remove the residual food, impurities, pests, and mud.
2, dry
Food is the dry food security keeping the important condition. Dry food easy custody; Don’t gives birth to worm born mildew; Can delay Chen function, reduce the loss, and keep food nutrition and food quality. And it’s easy to bred worms wet food born of mildew agglomerate, even completely unable to use. In order to ensure food security, rural families should as far as possible dry grain storage and again storage.
3, low temperature Including the food, the biological life activities are the influence of the temperature. The grain storage at the right temperature range, seed life activities exuberant, pests and microbial propagation speed up, seeds of breathing increase, too high or low temperature of the life activities are bad, can even lead to their death. China is a large country, the northern region winter temperature below 0 ° often in, use of low temperature cold insecticidal and stored grain is a kind of very good method.
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