Steel plate warehouse construction methods differences characteristics

Steel plate warehouse construction methods differences characteristics
Steel structure of the storehouse for way differences have different features, so are divided into two kinds choose way. The PuCang use galvanized plate edge continued to bite shape; High gas tightness, can be stored water and oil liquid materials; Because warehouse wall lubrication, the thickness of the assembly storehouse is required. Assembly warehouse can use galvanized rolled plate, plate, also can use electricity galvanized sheet, based on the more convenient; All parts are standard component, has may change sex, users in the use process, such as attack damage or corrosion, can be convenient to change damaged parts, and extending the utilizing life; Can innovation, demolition, special about the rental sites user very share; Can complete the pillar way, to warehouse in the activities of the food more advantageous; Air tightness less than; Can be convenient to complete durable construction, add cost very little.



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