Stone ground flour grinding machines and modern steel how to tell

Stone ground flour grinding machines and modern steel how to tell
Anyang Yitong Business & Trade Co., Ltd Comprehensive enterprise that specializes in producing flour processing equipment, the main products include various machinery, small flour milling machine, wheat flour, Purifier, flour sifter is bringing a machine equipment。
First, from the perspective of process design, stone flour science Groove stone mill, in the low-speed, low-temperature State formed by the grinding, flour it yields the corresponding is relatively low.
Second, from the perspective of color, because the stone ground flour contains large amounts of carotene and dietary fiber, micro-Pan stone ground flour is natural white and yellow.
Third, from the perspective of taste and smell, stone flour due to the low velocity, low temperature State formed by the grinding and grinding all over the small number of, smell of gluten, wheat germ (wheat fragrance essence) is preserved.
Original with traditional stone processing out of flour, in its processing process in the disc speed low, temperature low, wheat of nutrition ingredients no damage, retained has wheat of wheat fragrant, and due to technology of particularity, in finished flour in the retained has very small of rich CF of bran, on often meat of modern is has benefits; also stone processing of flour no any additives, and this is in food security situation increasingly serious of today, on consumers, is particularly important stone processing flour, not only retained has stone of featured, Also with a number of modern processing technology combining wheat flour, flour machine, strict compliance with the relevant provisions in the context of national food security, eligibility for the food market access.More


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