Flour milling:Repeat the powder technology

Flour milling:Repeat the powder technology
Repeat the powder technology is in recent years in the professional practice of large and medium-sized came out of a coarse material strengthening the powder of new technology, the slag grinding system setting and clear powder system 1-4 P setting and supplied materials and process two the same, only 1 P, 2 P in the period under the screen that gives slag mixture of repeated again heart clear powder, 1 Mc provide more large particles pure endosperm, to get better effect of powder, for extraction of more low ash flour create conditions.
Several process compare
“Clearing powder, the slag, again the powder” process is the more advanced form of powder craft combination, the qing powder wide, slag grinding set reasonable, after the powder-into the slag grinding in the qing dynasty powder-multiple choice, for the way the extraction of maximum heart grinding quality of high quality wheat quantity more heart, be helpful for low ash in the extraction of flour.

More information:www.mill-industry.net


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