Bringing a powder machine swept hearth failure repair

Bringing a powder machine swept hearth failure repair
When flour machine bearing inner ring and outer shaft neck or with more than 0.1 mm cover clearance, the stator and the rotor might wipe phase (he bore). He bore is lighter, motor is still can start running, but high temperature, time grew to easy to burn out winding, heavier can’t start when running. Apart and the fault of a bore motor can see a violet blue surface scratches. Happen grinding flour machine of the phenomenon of motor bearing turn set mostly aluminium shell motors. Turn the cause of the set is produced 2: (1) the machining accuracy is poorer, (2) the disassembling frequent and is not reasonable. Bearings inside and shaft neck is set a tight fit, coat and cover is processed into zero or the degree with a slight.
Some flour mechanical and electrical machine to prevent bearing coat and cover to cover, in between the coat and cover special pieces of steel. Some will be bearing a lay a (correct disassembling the bearing should be heating) or will turn the pieces of steel lost, all can produce bearing turn set of phenomenon. For grinding flour machine turn set of motor bearing phenomenon, ever cut hair method is used mostly to repair, but the effect (especially cover) is not ideal. After practice, it is considered that the repair adhesive method, the effect is good. Large, rotating speed of the high power electric motor with metal rubber, power, lesser, speed is not high motor with chloride rubber ding. Method is, the first in turn set swabbed clean, plus good grease, then apply glue, again will motor reassembled. To turn set of relatively serious, bearing inner circle shaft neck or coat and cover clearance highly actie, can use proper ply pieces of metal on the mat in the gap. In order to ensure that should be made concentricity metal oblique mouth. The practice shows that the vast majority of flour mechanical and electrical machine, with proper plastic coated in the gaps can return to normal.MoreĀ


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