Bearing flour machine maintenance

Bearing flour machine maintenance
Enterprises use flour machine due to improper maintenance or aging of flour-machine itself often there will be some problems. Such as bearing failures, here we summarize some bearings fault repair methods.
The first situation: when the effects of serious bearing both within and outside the trap, loss, bearings, severely damaged and needs to be replaced.
The second situation: when the flour of the bearing when there is a separation of rotor and shaft, first with a high temperature of 502 adhesive note the reduction and clearance of rotor and shaft filling, is to fight the thing to be positioned vertically, movements should be rapid. Note After filling on both sides, and then pour out 40% salt compound, a few days after placing, can be assembled using.
The third scenario: when the bearing wear, some could be used welding method for vehicle repair. Such as when run in the bearings inner and outer rings, welding the axle and end caps in the holes are surfacing, and then with the lathe into the size you want. Preheat shaft and end caps in the holes to warm up. Welding at the end, buried deep in the dry lime powder immediately slow cooling, control quenching phenomena of brittle.



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