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Elevator bucket chain off the chain is the reason?

Elevator bucket chain off the chain is the reason? The elevator bucket can be divided into a tape-type, chain type, and the board chain, chain elevator bucket off the chain now turn to the reasons: Transportation of materials related to the transport of fine particles of materials, viscosity, easy to stick in between the two …

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Characteristics of Steel bucket

Characteristics of Steel bucket Features: 1.Outstanding temperature resistance,especially more applicable in high-temperrture environments; 2.High surface hardness,aplicable for the transportation of sharp edge material; 3.Smooth surface and idealist shape for chean discharge; 4.High overall strength,suitable for elevating bulk material with high gravity weight; 5.Can be used together with existing plastic buckets, but balance should be considerd. Out steel bucket is made of pressed steel of very high quality, Monobloc pressed steel tough manufacturing without any welding,to get a higher strength and wear resistance. Materials:carbon steel,stainless steel

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